About Us

Linda Borghi


Linda with a purple scarf and straw hat standing amongst pink flowers as tall as she is.

Linda Borghi, Biodynamic farmer of Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley, NY has no lack of diverse experience.  She worked both sides of the fence, as both a vendor and producer. She began her career in 1977, managing four star restaurants on the upper east side of Manhattan, including La Grenouille, Bruno’s, Toscana and Piccolo Mondo. She began farming in 1988 on Block Island, RI where she established Abundant Life Farm. There she invented a 5 gallon pasteurization machine, and was the only farm in the country with a “herd” of one cow to be licensed to sell cheese to the public.

In 1992 she returned to the mainland to manage the cut flower operation of 26 Costco wholesale locations. Her territory was from Norfolk, VA to Holbrook, LI. In 1998 she was the first intern at the Pfeiffer Center Garden in Chestnut Ridge NY, which pioneered the practices of Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic agriculture. In 2004 she re-established Abundant Life where she began practicing SPIN-Farming and established the Eat Local Virtual Farm stand which created a direct distribution channel from farmer to eater. In 2009 Linda spoke at the United Nations at a conference entitled Food, Famine and the Future of Food Technology. In 2015 she felt the strong desire to teach others of both the importance of why they should farm-a-yard and Farm-A-Yard was born with a mission to turn lawns into food and to teach BioEnergetic methods. This mission took her on the road with the “Grow Food Earn Money Tour”. She is now located in South Carolina and continues to speak, educate, mentor and grow opportunities for others through online podcasts, webinars, Farm-A-Yard trainings, classes and events.

Marsha Howe



Marsha is a “plot to plate” wellness lifestyle educator, speaker, blogger, urban farmer & permaculture practitioner, spreading the healing truth of nutrient dense food, mentoring urban yard farmers for more self reliant, localized food secure communities, neighborhood by neighborhood.

You will find Marsha working on urban plots, speaking to groups about local food security, revealing the truth about processed foods and the local, seasonal, healthy eating solutions to take back our health. She consults with urban farmers and local food entrepreneurs and works shoulder to shoulder with community organizations.

Marsha facilitates local food education and the Kitchen Table Wisdom: Personal Food Revolution, for families, organizations and corporate environments that ignites a new, dynamic relationship with food that is creative, healing, delicious and fun!  

Founder of Sustainable Neighbors in Fayetteville, NC; Co-Founder of Farm-A-Yard, Director of Food Education at Guiding Wellness Institute and a Certified Permaculture Design Practitioner, Marsha is passionate about making “sustainable attainable” by sharing sustainable life skills, like growing your own chemical free food using biodynamic methods, as a catalyst for healthy, happy families.

“Our food system is making us sick. It’s time to reframe our relationship with food on every level, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The sooner we do the sooner we will heal.  Real Food should be our medicine, one forkful at a time”.


Criss Ittermann


Criss, an adventurer and vagabond in the Hudson Valley of New York, is the “Ninja Swiss-Army-Knife” on the Farm-A-Yard project.  Raised by parents who introduced her to wild food and slow cooking, Criss began cooking with herbs in her late teens and soon started taking herbalism courses.  Following the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal medicine, with a smattering of courses on wildcrafting, Western conventional herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Criss studied herbs for over 10 years and still wildcrafts her own medicines.  She briefly taught classes on making your own medicines and wildcrafting, and was active in the movement against the FDA banning herbs in the early 1990s.

In the middle of all of this, Criss held down a variety of jobs in graphic design, desktop publishing, copywriting, programming, accounting, and more until she opened her own business.  That’s when she met Linda Borghi, and Criss became Linda’s Fairy Godmother.  Criss has been helping Linda with her farming projects for around 10 years.

Enamored with Linda’s chickens, Criss started raising bantam chickens in 2012 and created a short online course called Raising Chickens in Your Backyard on Udemy.com.

Criss is a loud defender of food freedom and environmental activism. Also known as The Crisses, she is also a loud voice in the peer mental health movement: she writes books for people with multiple personalities, maintains an enormous encyclopedic website for her tribe, and provides peer mental health life coaching services.