051 – Nothing But Billions in Benefits part 2 of 6

051-Nothing But Billions Part 2 of 6

                         with host Linda Borghi and guest Wayne Roberts


Make sure you listen to part 1 of this series of podcasts with Wayne Roberts, who is a Canadian food policy analyst and writer, widely respected for his role as the manager of the [Toronto Food Policy Council], a citizen body of 30 food activists and experts that is widely recognized for its innovative approach to food security, from 2000-2010.  As a leading member of the City of Toronto’s Environmental Task Force, he helped develop a number of official plans for the city that were adopted in 2000-2001. So these plans are working!

In this episode, Wayne shares with us how can we save a city billions of gallons in water!  Wayne shows us four ways! Water is the most precious resource on the planet and gardeners growing food in their yards can save a city the size of Philadelphia 40 million gallons of water and he will show you how! Wayne’s analysis will cause you to realize just how powerful gardens can be to solve our water crisis!  This knowledge has impacted the city of Toronto, Canada, and can also bring amazing benefits to your city too! We want every city planner across this country to realize how millions of dollars can be saved by the huge benefits that gardeners can provide their city. This is no joke!

This podcast is fascinating and empowering!


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Music credit: “Insomnia” by John Sheehan.  Used with permission.

001 – The Seedy Story

001 – The Seedy Story

With host Linda Borghi

Farm-A-Yard Podcast logo: orange sun with sunbeams rising over a mound of black dirt with 2 sprouts and a microphone in green coming up out of the soil.
Farm-A-Yard Podcast — It’s a movement… have ya heard?

Seeds are very small, yet mighty! It is so easy to overlook the paramount importance and power of seeds. There is a worldwide seed diversity crisis today.  In this podcast episode, Linda reviews the movie, Seed: The Untold Story.  

Warning: listening to this episode could change your relationship with seeds forever!

  • 00:52 – Linda’s personal story about her relationship with seeds
  • 09:50 – Movie review: Seed: The Untold Story

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Music credit: “Insomnia” by John Sheehan.  Used with permission.

“Agriculture Will Soon Face Another Revolution”

“…we have less than a year’s supply of food for the global population on hand at any one time.” This simple fact has critical implications for society.”said David Montgomery, a professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.

This statement really got my attention.

Especially after hearing about what is happening, as of April, 2017 in Venezuela, where it is estimated that in the last 3 months the average citizen has lost 20 pounds because of food shortages.  Yikes!  These reports are very disturbing because they are happening in many places around the world.

This is another reason that we need a new agriculture revolution.

This is why the Farm-A-Yard Movement is critical for the times we are living in.

David Montgomery traveled to interview small farmers and found that those who restored their soil “used fewer inputs to produce higher yields, which translated into higher profits”… “No matter how one looks at it, we can be certain that agriculture will soon face another revolution … There are already enough people on the planet that we have less than a year’s supply of food for the global population on hand at any one time”…

Today we live in a “global world”, but there has never been a time more important than now to localize food systems around the earth.

We must begin to support farmers who adopt regenerative practices instead of only funding incentives for farmers that are degrading the soil!

David is confident that regenerative farming practices can prove both productive and economical.  Why? Because the farmers he met were already doing just that!

Farm-A-Yard, it’s a movement, have ya heard?

To read more: https://theconversation.com/healthy-soil-is-the-real-key-to-feeding-the-world-75364


Biodynamic Farming Is Growing- The Gold Standard in Organic Agriculture

Biodynamics farming is a growing movement. According to Demeter USA, the nonprofit certifier of biodynamic farms and consumer products, the total acreage for biodynamic farming in the US is increasing because this method, used around the world, works.

If you want to start a garden these days, the single most important and challenging aspect is the soil you grow in.

Our soils are so damaged and depleted of nutrients because commercial agriculture uses fertilizers that only give a few of the basic ingredients necessary to make the plant grow, resulting in minimal plant nutrition. The important point here is that the plants can’t have what the soil doesn’t have.

Over time the  evidence is showing up in the human population too.  After several generations we now see weakened immune systems, which are also due, in part, to exposure to toxic chemicals from current commercial agriculture practices.

Concerning the nutrient density of food, the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the December 2004  Journal of the American College of Nutrition,  studied the U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from 1950 and 1999.

They found that 43 different vegetables and fruits showed declines in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century.

“Efforts to breed new varieties of crops that provide greater yield, pest resistance and climate adaptability have allowed crops to grow bigger and more rapidly,”said the study researcher, Donald Davis, “but their ability to manufacture or uptake nutrients has not kept pace with their rapid growth.” Magnesium, zinc and vitamins B-6 and E likely had similar declines but they were not studied in 1950.

This study is not alone.  There have been others with similar findings. Another study summarized that it would take 8 oranges today to equal the nutrition value of one orange 70-80 year ago.

We can’t afford for this trend to continue.

What can be done? The key to healthier produce is healthier soil.

Biodynamic agriculture is the original “organic” movement in this country before there was any organic certification.

What is biodynamic farming?  How is it different from organic farming? Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, introduced biodynamic principles in 1924.  The Biodynamic Association was established in 1938.  It is the oldest sustainable agriculture nonprofit organization in North America.

In simple terms the Biodynamic method is made up of preparations  and the activation of water and the energy in the environment.  The preparations are made from herbs, mineral substances and animal manures which are composted and fermented, much like a sourdough starter, or a kombucha culture. They are then prepared to apply as compost or compost teas which are stirred in water to activate and distribute in the field.

Does Biodynamic Agriculture work?  I have been farming using this method for over 21 years.  I can help you get started.

The Biodynamic methods can be applied effectively by urban, yard farmers and big farm alike.

BioEnergetic products are cost effective and available at:  http://farm-a-yard.com/compost-tea/

How To Re-Design Our Local Food System- Re-Skill Ourselves

We are learning that in America over the last few generations we have become very removed from real food and where our food comes from. Along with that, we have lost diversity, nutrition and valuable food traditions.

There is a movement in this country to re-skill ourselves.  The younger generation is eager to learn the lost skills around the most important matter for our existence…Food.

There is an undeniable connection between the health crisis in this county and the way we grow, prepare and consume food.

The solution is to bring back diversity, healthy soils, clean air and water and re-skill ourselves in how to grow, prepare and consume real food..

I decided to do something about our broken food system and so I became a farmer! You can do the same…start with your own yard.

To get good at anything, you just have to practice, practice, practice! I have gotten really good that this because I never stop practicing!  Pick a “from scratch” project and map out the steps.  Farm-A-Yard is here to help you do that!  Learn from our videos and podcasts about the food movement and how you can take steps that work for you, no matter where you are in the process.

“Re-designing” our food system starts with a vision.  Now close your eyes….can you visualize your yard or someone else’s yard full of beautiful veggies?  Imagine yourself digging in the dirt and getting your hands dirty, observing the change in the neighborhood as more neighbors start growing some food.

That’s how it starts!  Now imagine yourself taking small action steps (that you can learn here), to grow some of your favorite foods. Visualize planting it, watching it ripen, picking it and then taking your first bite!  (Now your hooked for life!!)

We all can have a part in building a new local food web.

The Farm-A-Yard team and I have lots a instruction to get you going and to connect you to the Farm-A-Yard Movement with others who see the vision and are manifesting it around the country!

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Small-Scale Organic Farming Continues to be the Recommendation of the United Nations.

Have  you noticed that food insecurity is already at a crisis level in many countries.  The time to think about these things is not when it’s already a crisis.

But wherever we are, this is a warning that we all need to wake up and take action now to educate ourselves about how to grow sustainably.  I have been passionate and speaking about this for a long time, including speaking at the United Nations in a conference titled, Food, Famine and the Future of Food Technology.

The United Nations is alerting the world of the urgent need to return to small scale, sustainable, natural and organic agriculture.That was the key point of a new publication from the UN Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) titled“Trade and Environment Review 2013: Wake Up Before It’s Too Late,” which included contributions from more than 60 experts around the world. Check out page 2 of this report. The PDF is here: http://unctad.org/en/PublicationsLibrary/ditcted2012d3_en.pdf

This is why I am so excited about Farm-A-Yard!  This matter can only be solved by each of us taking this seriously.   We all need to be supporters of local food systems. Whether you are a grower or an eater, we all play a vital role in securing our food future right where we are!


Solving the Soil Emergency: Soil Doctor to the Rescue

We’re not going to waste your time with standard soil advice.   Real sustainable soil health guarantees plant health and productivity — and that saves you time, money and extra work.

Think about it: healthy soil grows healthy people. And what we think, we grow. In a way, people and agriculture feed each other.

That’s why I started Farm-A-Yard. It just doesn’t make sense that we have 40 million acres of lawn being irrigated while people are going hungry. The great Wendell Berry said, “Eating is an agricultural act.” Whether you like it or not, everyone is a part of agriculture. At Farm-A-Yard we take this very seriously. It’s the core of our mission. 

So what can you do to grow a healthy future for our food?

Grow Soil, Not Just Plants.

It’s that simple. Want to learn how?

I’m excited to tell you how impressed I am with this absolutely vital information from “The Soil Doctor” Evan Folds.  I was so amazed by him that I asked him to become a part of the Farm-A-Yard team.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

My name is Linda Borghi, and I have been an advocate for clean and nutritious food and water for decades, and when I met Evan, I knew that I had found an extraordinary and dedicated person who will bring you key information that you need immediately, before this food system crisis gets any worse.  

Evan leaning in to study some wheatgrass.Evan is spreading the word about how soil vitality affects plant health. I’ve been growing food for decades, and I know he’s right — I just can’t explain it.  To me, I do the right things and the plants grow like magic.  Evan can explain everything about soil health where I can’t, and he shares simple proven techniques that you can use in your garden or on the farm that will transform the way you think about the soil under your feet and seriously revolutionize your growing results.

To use a metaphor: conventional growing is like drowning in the ocean,  organic farming is treading water and barely staying afloat — but what Evan calls “BioEnergetics” is effortlessly swimming where you want to go. BioEnergetics is beyond organic.

This is absolutely essential information, so I’ve asked Evan to give a LIVE webinar.

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The content in this LIVE webinar is powerful. You need to take advantage of this rich information on maximizing your gardening and farming efforts. I promise you it will answer the most pressing problems you have about soil fertility and remove the guesswork and expense of commercial soil management advice.

Let’s face it; I’m a farmer, I’m not a scientist and I find that Evan is amazing at communicating complex concepts in a way that even I can understand.  

Even more important, he shares, step-by-step, what you can do to restore and regenerate your soil in order to grow food with the life force that can heal people and the planet.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

Do you want to turn dirt into thriving soil, teeming with life?

I know that you screamed YES! with me.

Here is some of the vital information you will learn in this FREE webinar:

  • Why Fertility is the Key to a Bountiful and Sustained Bottom line
  • The Fertility Investment that will Cut Your Costs and Work in Half
  • The Soil Doctor’s Rx that Takes the Guesswork out of Growing Healthy Soil
  • How to Correct Key Soil Management Mistakes
  • Demystifying Biodynamic Agriculture
  • Keys to Unlocking Soil Regeneration
  • The Roles of Minerals, Microbes & LIfe Force Energy
  • Top Garden Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  • Personalized Rx for Soil Regeneration
  • A“Brew” for Bounty- Get Brewing, Get Life
  • BioEnergetic Secrets to Healing the Soil
  • What Weeds, Worms and Nematodes Tell Us
  • Busting Myths about Soil Management
  • Why Profitable and Sustained Farming Begins and Ends with the Soil
  • What is Activated Water?
  • Keys to Hydroponic Growing Success
  • Compost Tea – The Holistic Solution
  • Unleash Soil Regeneration No Matter What Kind of Soil You Have

Whether you are a seasoned farmer or totally new to the idea of growing  food , Evan’s free webinar, Solving the Soil Emergency: Soil Doctor to the Rescue, has something for everyone. Vitality of life on the earth starts and ends with the life force energy of the soil.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

Our challenge to you is to grow at least one thing that you can eat. If you already do, then grow more! We want to help you do it.


Farm-A-Yard is a Movement, Have You Heard?

Linda Borghi
Farm-A-Yard Educator/Trainer/Speaker

What is Real Food Security?

Being new to South Carolina everything is very interesting. I am aware of the sounds, the light… the sensations that are all around me, because it’s all new to me.

I am at a stage in my life that I have developed very keen observation skills and my most current observation has been my state of uneasiness because I did not have any food security. This is the first time in 16 years that I did not have any food growing outside my kitchen door. What a creepy feeling it is….unsettling at the very least.

Arriving in South Carolina the beginning of May did not give me enough time to create a yard farm before the “Heat of the Year” arrived. At one point during the summer the degrees on my car dashboard read 117…..whoa baby…hotter than anything other than watermelons wanted it to be!

I had to experience all summer long that creepy feeling due to my lack of food security. From May until the end of September…nearly 5 months, long enough to know how that feels.

Now that feeling is dissipating,. Why, because my beds are made, my plan is drawn and some seed is in the ground. When I see some germination the feeling will dissipate more and when I harvest I’m sure it will vanish the feeling completely!

That got me thinking about those who have never had food security. They do not experience those feelings but I am sure that if they were given 16 years of food security right outside their kitchen door and then not have that for five months…they would have a creepy feeling as well.

The moral of the story is this: Farm-a-Yard….it’s a Movement ….have ya heard?


Energy follows Thought

I have always been a believer in the process of energy following thought and I am reminded that the process is alive and well every now and again.

My sister from another mother, Marsha Howe and I have been discussing all aspects of Victory Gardens.  I have been studying Victory Gardens for quite a long time now.

All of that food, and there was a lot of it, it was being grown to lighten the stress on the National food supply.

Well, we have high level stress on our National food supply due to the lack of rain and extreme drought situations.

What I wanted to find out was how and why did everyone start farming their yards? Well….it spread through very organized entities, like churches.  And that got me thinking (thought) about once again standing on the pulpit explaining the meaning of true food security, AKA Yard Farming.

Just a few days after I arrived here in Beaufort SC the door bell rang. It was a lovely young man asking if I needed any yard work done. I said that I didn’t need any yard work and soon I would convert part of the lawn into food production areas. I spoke to him for about 10 minutes, as I had his full attention, then on his way he went, never to be seen from again until TODAY.

So, I am getting ready to make an additional 9 yard farm beds and then some…..when that lovely young man stopped by for a visit. I say a visit because he came to tell me that he was farming a yard behind the hotel down the street. His name is Jacob, he is 17 years old, he is so polite and has a smile that could melt a heart.

I went with him to check out his plot and sure enough there it was, about 1500 square feet, fenced in, behind this hotel. The Pastor wife has a garden there and got Jacob the permission to grow the food. Jacob and 4 of his friends will farm this section and expand from there.  I expecting a call from the Pastor’s wife sooner than later, and I anticipate to be preaching from the pulpit once again, so blessed to do so!






The Mowing of the Lawn

The Mowing of the Lawn- by Linda Borghi

Very interesting that I have now had the experience of mowing the lawn three times in the past month and a half and before then, never.  I am here to report that I made it through the dreadful experience all three times although there were moments during the last go around that I thought I would have to throw in the towel.

Lawns and I have never seen eye to eye to begin with but now having to personally interact was a bit over the top for me. You see, we have forty and a half million acres of lawn in our country, a terrible habit we brought over from England. We have had plenty of time now to have become independent thinkers when it comes to this unworthy entity but alas….we have yet to do so.

Did you know that it takes 40% of the drinking water on the east coast to satisfy the needs of this fossil fuel, chemical and time robbing beast. Now the flip side, the benefit, where and what is it? I am far from an experienced lawn mower but thus far for me I see no b
enefit  other than the color……I don’t get it.

Instead of mowing we shoud be eating, we should ditch the grass and feed our families, I swear it would take about the same time and we’d get to eat. Isn’t that true food security?  Besides food security we are given the opportunity to reconnect with the awe inspiring energy that only working with the Earth can give you. There is only one Earth, stop mowing her and start dining with her.  Bon Appétit!