What's the ONE "plant food" guaranteed to make or break your harvest?

200 years ago, our forefathers did just fine growing food that fed their families — all they needed was seeds, a patch of soil in a sunny spot, and a rainbarrel. They didn't have chemicals to add to their gardens, and yet here we are, 200 years later. So something must have worked.

Let's face it — food isnt what it used to be. Something has changed

There's something dreadfully wrong with the soil.

Conventional gardening and agriculture, rife with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and more, is not going to grow healhy plants.

In fact, I can ensure you that these practices have rendered most of the soil around us dead.

The key to a healthier harvest, to plants rich in nutrients, is not to add more chemicals. And that's what organic gardening is — right?

But even organic gardening doesn't guarantee that the soil is alive.

We have to go Beyond Organic…

Vineyards caught on to this. Some of the world's most terrific vineyards are now Biodynamic.

Biodynamic agriculture is great. And it's also an art that was founded in the 1920s. We need to combine the wisdom of Biodynamic agriculture with some hard science and advances in understanding the world around us. We're going even a step beyond Biodynamic.

Based on the Biodynamic principles of Rudolph Steiner (also the father of Waldorf education), and combined with other amazing findings about life — how soil, microbes, fungi, minerals, energy and water create an amazing web of the perfect plant-sustaining all-natural Plant Food — and all we have to do is learn how to assist.

This new philosophy of dealing with soil, water and the delicate balance of the foundations of life is called BioEnergetics.

Soil, microbes, fungi, minerals, energy and water create an amazing web of the perfect plant-sustaining all-natural Plant Food. We call the art of nurturing this web BioEnergetics.

What if you could…

  • Optimize any soil, anywhere — we’ll show you proven techniques to use compost tea and grow Living Soil, which can even turn sand into humus
  • Cut fertilizer costs exponentially when you learn the truth about soil testing
  • Raise your growing game by nurturing the microbes in your soil food web, the hidden world beneath your feet
  • Save up to 50% on water use with Activated Water
  • Change the future of food and open the door to Urban Farming and Personal Agriculture 
  • Boost vitality for all the plants you harvest with BioEnergetics
  • Capitalize on effective methods to increase harvest yields
  • Avoid pests & disease by growing nutrient dense food
  • Save time, physical labor & increase your bottom line (or bank more food for your family)
  • Generate “beyond organic” results with painless, regenerative, living soil and BioEnergetic methods

This is exactly what BioEnergetics delivers.

And we've arranged a 6-hour course with the founder of BioEnergetics — Evan Folds, whom we lovingly call "The Soil Doctor".

Normally Evan does consulting at $150 an hour (and I assure you, he's worth much more than that!). So one could argue that 6 hours of his teaching is worth up to $900, but let's be conservative because he's teaching a group. This could be valued at $450, which gives you all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to nurture your soil back to life.

We can also consider the return on this investment. There are people out there earning as much as $60,000 a year per half-acre of land! (Linda will share the secrets of earning with your land in a later course.)

With a return like that, you can see that it would be worth hiring Evan at his full rates to teach you how to improve your yields and lower your number of hours in growing. Even if you're just growing food for your family. Because this knowledge pays back EVERY YEAR.

Of course, you shouldn't take our word on it. Here's what some of Evan's customers have to say about him:

I have been growing for over 4 years now. I have spent THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$$$ on the so called man made nutes. I am 60 years young and I have been told all my life seeing is believing well after 2 brews I AM A BELIEVER. This is the greatest thing I could have ever added to my operation. When you can SEE A GREAT CHANGE in your GARDEN you too will become a believer. Once again words cannot say Thank You enough. — Dave Driscoll, MI

After spending countless hours and literally thousands of dollars on conventional fertilizers and lawn treatments I was still having problems with dead spots, weeds, and insects. I finally decided consult a professional. [Evan] came to my home for an evaluation and although I was skeptical at first, [he] knew exactly what to do and the results exceeded my expectations. I've gotten numerous compliments about my lawn. I only wish I had known about the natural approach a long time ago and I recommend you to everyone. — Jeff Stidham — Boiling Spring Lakes, NC 

I am finding that the results seem to be quite amazing. The vegetables are lush, vibrant and very healthy and what I find most remarkable is that when I eat primarily from my garden, the processed food cravings that I have had, are almost entirely absent. My conclusion which is not really a new one at all is that the food from the store is severely lacking in nutrition. — Frank — Canada

My wife and I harvested well over a ton of produce from 900 square feet of growing area, which we ate fresh, processed for our consumption later, or sold to a couple local stores and restaurants. […] Thanks for having such a great company and helping people heal as many acres of land as you have! — Tyler Omand — Brewster, M

How can you learn enough about soil to optimize your 2017 growing season?

It's the beginning of March. The growing season (in the Northern Hemisphere) is right around the corner.

There are things you can do right now to help grow your soil into a living vibrant web of plant-supporting life before you even plant your first seed.

That's why we wanted to offer this course before the growing season starts in earnest.

Please join us for this spectacular educational event:

BioEnergetic Agriculture: 

The Soil Doctor’s Key to a Bountiful Bottom Line

We're serious about getting this knowledge out. There's no time to waste, because before you know it you'll be planting seeds for this year's harvest. So instead of spreading out the course as 6 1-hour sessions over a month-and-a-half, we're getting this important information to you NEXT WEEK!

This is a 6 hour course over 4 days next week: 

Mon 3/6, Tues 3/7, Thurs 3/9, Fri 3/10 — 6pm-7:30 EST — with the soil doctor Evan Folds 

Registration Expires March 4, 2016.

Register today, so you don't forget.


Our Special Bonus

How do you ensure you have everything you need to be succssful?

Would you like to have our experts in your back pocket?

Everyone who registers will receive this extra Bonus.

You will also get a FREE membership in our ongoing secret Farm-A-Yard Student Facebook group — For Life! —where you can ask your burning soil, planting and growing questions when they come up.

You can also share your own insights with the community and together we can celebrate your successes!  

If other studnts can't help, we'll get your answers from Evan and other experts, and Linda will answer the toughest questions live by video weekly. We'll have special offers just for our Facebook student group, early access to future offerings, special discounts, etc.

How do I know if this course is right for me? 

This course is for anyone who:

  • Has never grown anything
  • Is a grower but is tired of poor results and wants to grow a healthy fertile environment
  • Wants to be free of toxic chemicals
  • Is tired of pest and weed problems
  • Wants to grow soil not just plants
  • Wants to spend less on water
  • Wants to spend less on other inputs
  • Wants to grow safe, nutrient dense food for their family
  • Wants a proven method that takes out the guess work, to grow the best garden of their life
  • Already grows for sale, but wants to improve their yields and reduce problems

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You get our “First Class Guarantee”: If you attend the first class, and you’re not blown away with the value — you ask us for your money back.

Are there any discounts available?

Please keep in mind when considering our offer that running these classes is expensive. However, we don't want to turn anyone away. If you can find 2 friends who also need this course, we'll give you 3 tickets for the price of 2. Or you can have both you buddies pay, and you get in for free.

If that still doesn't work, please email ask@farm-a-yard.com and let us know why you really need this course, and what your budget will support, and we'll see whether or not we can work with you.

Our paying students are helping to offset the cost of 13 full scholarships being given away to charitable causes that plant and grow food for people in need — food banks, food deserts, homeless, soup kitchens, etc. some in the most troubled or impoverished areas of the country. After that, we're out of full scholarships, and we will ccept partial scholarships on a case-by-case basis.

Hopefull by now you can tell that we have an amazing course to offer you, and it's jam-packed with value. If you have any other questions, just email us at ask@farm-a-yard.com

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