How To Re-Design Our Local Food System- Re-Skill Ourselves

We are learning that in America over the last few generations we have become very removed from real food and where our food comes from. Along with that, we have lost diversity, nutrition and valuable food traditions.

There is a movement in this country to re-skill ourselves.  The younger generation is eager to learn the lost skills around the most important matter for our existence…Food.

There is an undeniable connection between the health crisis in this county and the way we grow, prepare and consume food.

The solution is to bring back diversity, healthy soils, clean air and water and re-skill ourselves in how to grow, prepare and consume real food..

I decided to do something about our broken food system and so I became a farmer! You can do the same…start with your own yard.

To get good at anything, you just have to practice, practice, practice! I have gotten really good that this because I never stop practicing!  Pick a “from scratch” project and map out the steps.  Farm-A-Yard is here to help you do that!  Learn from our videos and podcasts about the food movement and how you can take steps that work for you, no matter where you are in the process.

“Re-designing” our food system starts with a vision.  Now close your eyes….can you visualize your yard or someone else’s yard full of beautiful veggies?  Imagine yourself digging in the dirt and getting your hands dirty, observing the change in the neighborhood as more neighbors start growing some food.

That’s how it starts!  Now imagine yourself taking small action steps (that you can learn here), to grow some of your favorite foods. Visualize planting it, watching it ripen, picking it and then taking your first bite!  (Now your hooked for life!!)

We all can have a part in building a new local food web.

The Farm-A-Yard team and I have lots a instruction to get you going and to connect you to the Farm-A-Yard Movement with others who see the vision and are manifesting it around the country!

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