Farm-A-Yard Manifesto

The farm makes us human. Someone somewhere decided that it made more sense to grow food where they lived rather than to hunt and gather. In fact, farming may have been the initial human act of rebellion, talk about a revolution!

But in modern times humans have strayed further from our food than at any time in history. When most of what is sold in supermarkets is not real food, and even one child doesn’t realize that there are tomatoes in pizza or potatoes in french fries, we know we have some work to do.

Eating is an agricultural act. Our buying power determines what farmers grow and we create the demand with every bite that we take. For food to be grown and eaten to its potential, there must be a true desire to participate in agriculture that is rooted in ecological sustainability and motivated by community, quality, and nutrition; not purely production and profit.

There are 48-million acres of lawn in the United States, making it the largest crop under irrigation by far, ten times more than corn! We at Farm-A-Yard want to change that in a big way.

We are on a mission to make more sense of our agriculture. We want to create personal agriculture, where not only do people have access to nutrient-dense food that is closer to them, but they can actively take part in the production process, and even make a profitable business out of it!

The mission of Farm-A-Yard is to grow clean local vibrant food free of toxins and GMO’s, provide open-source information that allows people to take control of their own personal agriculture, connect, and decentralize our food system, bring focus towards the qualitative value of food, and grow as much of it as we can!

We do this by using growing methods that are beyond organic. Our techniques are not just a holistic agricultural system, but a potent movement towards new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.

Farm-A-Yard provides free content, a podcast, live videos, social media news, and blog articles, and will hold regular webinars and workshops in order to provide opportunities for people to learn the simple and powerful techniques of growing your own food for health and for profit. We will provide guidance on how to manage and grow your business, and also the fertility side regarding soil microbes, mineral balance, soil testing, growing soil, and much more, so that you can put them to work in your own urban homestead.

What we think, we grow.  It is our sincere belief that if we apply the collective imagination, inspiration, and intuition of our local community and put our will into action we can decentralize our food system, and change the way the world grows food.