002 – Biodynamics, Demystified Part 2

002 – Biodynamics, Demystified Part 2

with host Linda Borghi and guest Abby Porter

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Abby Porter from the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics shares the history of Biodynamics, organics and the relationship between Rudolph Steiner & Dr. Pfeiffer, a scientist, who proved the the science behind biodynamics. The establishing of Demeter, the international biodynamic certification organization. Abby also talks about her mother Josephine Porter’s history in the making of the biodynamic preparations.

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Music credit: “Insomnia” by John Sheehan.  Used with permission.

Author: Criss Ittermann

Holistic healer, environmental activist and graphic designer, Criss Ittermann has been working with Linda Borghi for nearly a decade. She's a technical and marketing partner for Farm-A-Yard.com and thoroughly invested in the Farm-A-Yard movement.

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