045 – Nothing But Billions in Benefits Part 1 of 6

045 – Nothing But Billions in Benefits Part 1 of 6

with host Linda Borghi and guest Wayne Roberts

Wayne takes us down the garden path of billions of dollars of free public services. So how can you benefit?  If you are a gardener, listen up because this especially applies to YOU!

Wayne Roberts is a Canadian food policy analyst and writer, widely respected for his role as the manager of the [Toronto Food Policy Council], a citizen body of 30 food activists and experts that is widely recognized for its innovative approach to food security, from 2000-2010.  As a leading member of the City of Toronto’s Environmental Task Force, he helped develop a number of official plans for the city that were adopted in 2000-2001. So these plans are working!

He shares the 3 billion dollars of savings today that is available for the public benefit, starting with recycling food waste. Your city could be saving big time! Not to mention preventing serious water pollution, improving soil health which in turn creates nutrient density of food and improving human health & the environment. Wayne can show you how to make this a reality in your city! We need to spread this word!  This is the first of 6 enlightening episodes!

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A Nation of Farmers- We Need Millions-You Are the Evolutionary Force!

Farm-A-Yard is a movement to be part of the solution in bringing the practical vision of people like Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton into reality.

Linda Borghi has in-depth experience as a biodynamic farmer and yard farming trainer and she is bringing the knowledge and steps  to creating successful yard farms that heal our soil and grow the most nutrient dense plants to heal the land and the people.

The most powerful influence to make this a reality is to make the food movement EVERYBODY’S Business!  Obviously, we all have to eat and our eating choices are what drive what is available to us.

There is a healing process underway inviting us to become its agent.  We are at the emergence of healing and regeneration and YOU are the evolutionary force.

“Astyk and Newton have written the important book, “A Nation of Farmers-Defeating the Food Crisis on American Soil”, with an unusual message: We need millions of new farmers…as soon as possible.”

“Once we could fill our grocery carts with cheap and plentiful food, but not anymore…  Climate change is already reducing crop yields worldwide… The cost of flying in food from far away and shipping it across the country in refrigerated trucks is rapidly becoming nonviable.  More Americans than ever before require food stamps and food pantries just to get by, and a worldwide food crisis is unfolding, overseas and in our kitchens.We can keep hunger from stalking our families, but doing so will require a fundamental shift in our approach to field and table.”

Whether you are already on board this movement or want to get started, Farm-A-Yard has a ton of free podcasts, videos and how to grow your own  resources for you here: http:revx.us/faypat

The Best way to do this is to just START!

When you partner with nature,  we found that she will never let you down.

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