2023 – Good Luck Yogi

In this episode I am speaking with the creator of a device that will teach children how to meditate and Breath! Let’s hope the children can then pass this learning on the adults in their lives. 

O u r M i s s i o n

To help raise a generation of mindful children.

Main Products

Interactive Meditation Device

Good Luck Yogi is a first-of-its-kind,

interactive meditation device and

app, guided by a friendly superhero,

who personalizes mindfulness for

kids. Bring peace into your home

with GLY’s guided meditations, story

time adventures, nature sounds and

soothing lights.

Price: $119.99

Mobile App

GLY is designed for growth: growing

older as children and growing

together as a family. Use the mobile

app companion to stream or update

GLY’s growing library of new content!

Price: $2.99/month

Brand Extensions

Stress Relief Squishy Toy

Stay mindful and connected to your inner

peace wherever you go!

Price: $9.99

Good Luck Yogi & The Earth Adventures Book

Discover Planet Triveda, and meet GLY’s

friends as they unlock their super powers of

gratitude and empathy together to overcome

emotions like isolation and anger.

Price: $14.99

Inner Space Yoga Mat

Travel to your inner space and imagine flying

around the galaxy with GLY on your very own

space yoga mat! Stay physically fit like your

favorite mindfulness superhero!

Price: $29.99

To provide families with a holistic solution to mindfulness, we’ve developed

supplemental products to support children’s health and development

including a children’s book, yoga mat, and stress relief squishy. We also

have big plans to release more toys, books, games, and family and baby care

products to help parents raise a generation of mindful children.

“My children need Good Luck Yogi because although it may seem small to us, young

people have pressures too.”

Tisha Campbell, Actress

Additional Products



C o n t a c t F o u n d e r s

JC Das started his career as a music producer and

music therapist for children with Autism. In 2013 he

devoted 6 years to studying meditation with monks

full-time. He’s launched multiple meditation

programs, served as a Meditation Chaplain for USC,

and presented internationally.

Anchal Leela Chand is a SVP at Rukus Avenue Music

Group. She currently sits on the advisory board for In

A Perfect World and serves as a US Ambassador for

New Light India. She previously worked as a

behavioral therapist for children with Autism and

Autism-related spectrum disorders.

“If we want to change the world, we have to start with the future of our world – the kids!”

JC Das

“My son loved GLY so much he even leaned in to kiss it.”

Valentina Khan, Founder, Uplift

“I cannot think of a more fun, important, or necessary educational toy in today’s world.”

Jeffrey D. Brown, Academy Award Winner

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