A Kids Life Beyond the iPad

I picked up an old Mother Earth News Magazine and opened to a lovely picture of a 13 year old girl on a horse.  The article was called “MY INTRODUCTION TO SELF-RELIANCE”.  I had to read on….

I was immediately impressed with Treska’s communication and writing abilities.  Move over Barbara Kingslover! 🙂

Having been a homeschooling mom myself, I remember how great it was to witness the impact of nature on my children and so grateful to be able to give them that connection even though we were urban dwellers. Allowing “nature to take it’s course” does wonders for children & young people (and adults for that matter!)

How do we get our kids beyond the iPad?

We all feel it…there is a desperate need to have a routine plan to unplug from technology.  I believe it’s critical to find ways to give our kids space for discovery, experimentation and to practice and build creative thinking, problem solving skills beyond the iPad.  No doubt kids are in training to do amazing things with technology, but what critical life skills are they missing?… not to mention the real world experiences & relationships that could be passing them by.

We all need to get a little dirt on our hands…or maybe better yet, a lot of dirt on our hands!

Mud run anyone?  Lessons Learned

My kids were outside digging in the dirt a lot and digging in the snow in the winter.  The best times, were when I went out with them to dig, which I regret, was not more often.  I remember the lessons and conversations that were generated just by taking that time.  Lessons in cooperation & compassion and often with out words. Seeing and valuing so many facets of life. Lessons not only for them but for me. Lessons that might have been missed otherwise.

Equipping our young ones in self reliant skills will go along way in the development and molding of tomorrow’s confident, well rounded leaders.

Now you know another reason why I am passionate about Farm-A-Yard.

What was particularly striking to me is that Treska writes,”After I became inspired by the idea of having a seedling business, I read anything I could get my hands on about seeds….I am looking forward to my learning experience….to me there is no such thing as an “expert farmer. But what any skilled farmer needs is a set of eyes, a pair of hands and a willingness to learn.”

Let’s raise a generation of  kids who know how to have a life beyond the iPad. Let’s get outdoors with them and hey, maybe even farm your yard! 🙂

I guarantee that you will be warmed and inspired by Treska’s article.






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