Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen…humm…now that is a great affirmation.
Even when my desired outcome in the garden or in life doesn’t happen according to my expectation, nature and life find ways to make it better than I originally intended.

Nothing in creation is without purpose, meaning and useful….nothing.

Patience is an acquired trait, and a very valuable one. It gives me opportunity to discover so many things that I would otherwise completely overlook or even disregard about my environment and more importantly, about myself.

Nature has a way of assisting with developing that trait and many other virtues.

Nature is a living network of miracles.

Nature provides so many opportunities for new, simple, as well as, robust experiences and discoveries that, I can testify, have transformed my way of thinking and living in the world.

When we are connected with nature, we might observe a worm’s process to become a butterfly, which invites us to consider this reality even for ourselves and our circumstances.

Ok, enough borderline deep thinking 🙂

Let it be known, that there is more to this gardening thing and growing your own food than meets the eye! LOL!

We, at Farm-A-Yard know that as you take the path of growing your own, using nature’s methods that honor and coordinate with nature’s ways, will bring you so much more than you could ever imagine!!!

So, always believe something wonderful is about to happen! And with a little patience, you will not be disappointed!

This mindset is powerful!

Now, go farm your yard  🙂

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