Breaking the Spell of the Cursed Black Thumb- Grow the Best Garden of Your Life

I definitely wondered if I was under the spell of the “black thumb”.

My very first garden, at 18 years old, was about a square foot in size in my side yard….Flop #1…  Did I have a black thumb?

Years later, I tried again….but there was too much shade in my backyard. Flop #2…   Tried again… Flop # 3.  Each time I learned a little  🙂 ….but I just thought I must not have a green thumb.

Then again I had a garden in the backyard where previous renters had a garden plot….I suspected that the soil was better because we had some success but I still knew very little about what I was doing.  I just thought you put a seed in the ground and it should grow. Right?  Or maybe, just maybe, I had the infamous “Black Thumb?”

Since then, I have learned that our soil is in a state of emergency. Commercial fertilizer doesn’t do anything to improve the soil and pesticides and herbicides kill all the microbiol life.  BTW…there is no “Miracle” in Miracle Gro.  

I tried several gardens since and because I didn’t want to use the harmful products so I just started composting but it’s such a slow process with still mediocre results.

I meet people all the time who say that they have a “black thumb” and can’t grow anything.  They are convinced that they are cursed.

Well, I am now convinced that it is important to know what to plant and when, and also to make sure the plot or pot has enough sun and water.  But if it fails, the failure has something to do with the soil, NOT your thumb!  

Okay, but how can you get your soil right without spending tons of time and money on guessing what to do about it?  The million dollar question!

So, what is a person to do?

That’s when I met the Soil Doctor, Evan Folds.  This soil wizard made the complex simple for me and the spell is broken and the curse has lifted!!  If it happened to me, it can happen for you!

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We know that you can be successful in growing vibrant, nutrient food for your family and/or to make a sustainable income.

Check it out!  Break the Spell!  Grow the best garden of your life.

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