000 – Welcome to Farm-A-Yard

000 – Welcome to Farm-A-Yard

with co-founders Linda Borghi and Criss Ittermann

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Farm-A-Yard Podcast — It’s a movement… have ya heard?

We are serious about turning the 48.5 million acres of lawn in America into food production!  Farm-A-Yard: It’s a movement… have ya heard?  Linda Borghi and Criss Ittermann, two of the co-founders of Farm-a-Yard, share about the birth of the Farm-A-yard movement as a response to the challenges of soil degradation and food insecurity issues facing our country and the world.

You’ll notice in this episode that Farm-A-Yard is all about solutions, sprinkled with plenty of laughter and gratitude to pave the way for sustainable, lasting change.

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Music credit: “Insomnia” by John Sheehan.  Used with permission.

2 Replies to “000 – Welcome to Farm-A-Yard”

  1. What a great show this was. Something new that I learned from it was that all our food grown in the country is based on animal feed. Now it make more sense AND how much more important and urgent our need for Biodynamics is needed at this time. Steadily and surely by word of mouth, yard by yard the gardeners will awaken to this info, just as I have. Anyone who is still asking questions while living in these times, would eventually come across this information and challenge what they think they know. How did you put it Linda? Something about faith.
    I would garden weeds if the payoff was living in harmony with the earth. Getting food from that experience is icing on the cake. Everything is energy as I see it. Treating the soil with respect and its creatures with the intent of intelligence and a little love, brings it all back to the food I’ll be sharing with others.
    Approach nature in a peaceful way and it often responds that way. Yesterday I had this long conversation with a squirrel outside my front door, the way he listened to my voice makes me laugh today. That is how I know Biodynamics works and I want in and I am in, but now I will burrow deeper into the soil with this movement….have ya heard?
    One thing I have seen is that ideas that start off slow have greater success than those that catch on right away.
    Here we go!

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