041 – Soil Health: The First Amendment

041 – Soil Health: The First Amendment

with host Linda Borghi and guest Evan Folds, the Soil Doctor

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Welcome to Week 2 of our Grow It Don’t Mow It – 30 Days to Starting a Successful Yard Farm!  This week is all about Soil Health.

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We owe our existence to the the top few inches of topsoil.  Pretty important, hey?. Why do you need a Soil Doctor? What is good soil? What are microbes all about?  What about bagged soil? (which should more accurately be called “dirt”… why?) Why soil testing? We first need to learn how to grow healthy soil, before we can grow healthy plants and ultimately healthy people!  

You won’t want to miss this episode, it is critical to your success in growing healthy soil and nutrient dense food!  

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Music credit: “Insomnia” by John Sheehan.  Used with permission.


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