Compost Tea in a Box – 100 Gallon


Liquid Concentrated BioEnergetic Compost plus Minerals and Nutrients for Batch Brewing – 100 Gallons

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  • A complete ingredient bundle, Compost Tea in a Box comes with everything you need to brew compost tea except the bucket, air pump, tubing, and air stone.
  • Ingredient bundles ranging from 25 gallons to 200 gallons available. A 25 gallon Compost Tea in a Box bundle will make 25 gallons of compost tea concentrate, and 1 gallon diluted no more than 1:10 will cover up to 500 sq ft. This makes each gallon cost less than $1 = maximum value!
  • Our recipe represents years of intense testing and refinement and our simplified two part recipe includes everything needed to brew living, organic compost tea except the compost tea brewer.
  • Compost Tea in a Box comes with complete instructions and valuable information about the soil food web so you can get started growing your soil, not just your plants.
  • Compost tea is alive, it cannot be purchased from a shelf. Growing the microbes using our process will allow you to introduce the living organisms that literally define healthy soil. The results are simply amazing!
  • Compost tea works as a fertilizer, to suppress disease, mitigate pests, and so much more! Get brewing, grow life.
  • Can and should be used in ALL growing applications – including soil, hydroponics, aquaponics, you name it. You can even use it to inoculate your compost pile to add the living microbes required to break down organic matter into humus and speed the process up!

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