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A broad spectrum of billions of over 125 strains of soil borne microorganisms in a dormant state in an amino acid base. Activation occurs upon mixing into water. This is a balanced and harmonious solution to increase nutrient absorption and broaden parameters of immunity. An organic enzyme bacterial combination used for soil, greenhouses, gardens, turf, pastures, water, aquaponics, hydroponics, pond and lagoon treatment, RESINATOR is bio-degradable, non-polluting and creates no phytotoxicity against vegetation and foliage. The microorganisms produce antibiotic and antifungal compounds and hormones that keep roots healthy and help them grow as the microbes produce enzymes and vitamins. The Resinator microbes control odors, and fungi, break down solids, heavy metals, pesticide residue and reduce waste. As natural chelators these microorganisms act on pathogenic bacteria like Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella and fungi like fusarium as well as most blight. Coincidentally, they are environmentally safe and literally breathe life back into polluted and contaminated soil and water. Microorganisms are community animals that work best in large numbers and broad spectrums of strains and species as they are excellent at supporting a natural balance of symbiotic exchange with one another as well as their environment and surrounding life forms. Many Bacillus species in Resonator are able to secrete large quantities of enzymes and are the source of a natural antibiotic and antifungal protein, barnase. Arthrobacter strains are used in bio-remediation because of its “clean-up” abilities. Pseudomonas are used to protect plants from a wide variety of pathogens and disease. Rhodococcus are especially good at metabolizing harmful pollutants and the ability to break nutrients into usable elements for plants. Without microbes, minerals in the soil remain locked and unavailable, forcing the plants to uptake heavy metals and industrial waste in an effort to survive. The lack of microbes allows pesticide chemical residue to remain in the soil. Healthy populations of microbes would consume and neutralize the damaging chemical and heavy metals. Additionally, genetic integrity in plants and soil depend upon microbial balance. Resonator provides the correct environment for life within the biome. Genetic expression is caused by the environment and in a healthy, balanced environment genetic modification would not be recognized or supported by nature. Advanced, effective bioremediation is absolutely necessary in order to regenerate the soil. Plant life has been severely stressed so that, at this point, we need to stress in reverse. Diversity needs to be restored and the process of nature allowed to recover. Liquid inoculants. Over 125 strains of live soil borne microorganisms, dormant in an amino acid blend base Aquaponic and Hydroponic Application: 1 fluid ounce Resinator per 10 gallons effluent solution weekly. Soil Application: Use 1 quart per acre in 20+ gallons clean water. Gardeners mix 1 ounce per gallon clean water on 16 square feet. Use diluted mixture within 24 hours of mixing.

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