Wanda’s Magic Rag

With this cloth, not only will your glass and mirrors never streak, your counters and tile will never look better. If you do get any streaks when you first get the cloth (don’t panic) it is only the residue from the manufacturing of the cloth. Just run the cloth through a wash cycle or wring cloth (several times0 with warm water before using. Use WATER ONLY when cleaning…It’s that simple…It will clean better than chemicals.

Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye. Do not dry your glass or mirrors, that will dry streak free on their own.

The secret is tiny fibers 200 times thinner than human hair. They trap and absorb the dirt and oil. Use slightly damp, will not scratch any surface….Wipe and watch the streaks disappear.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash with bleach or detergent. Air dry only, no fabric softener.

Wanda’s Magic Rag