Water’s Role in the Communication of Subtle Energy and Life Force

What is Water?

All of us here at Farm-A-Yard love water and care very much about learning more about it. We are doing what we can to share the miracle element that it is for all life on the planet and how to be good stewards of it.  We have a more personal relationship with water as we stir our compost tea preparations that will go out on our gardens. 🙂    (Check out the tea at www.farm-a-yard.com/compost-tea)
Below is a fascinating video, not to be missed!
Here is the latest from the Soil Doctor, Evan Folds.
Water may be the most obvious and at the same time misunderstood substance on Earth.
Dr. Masura Emoto investigated water’s more controversial abilities by taking microscopic images of frozen water structures after being imprinted with good and bad words and music.
Even if you are not ready to accept waters role in the communication of subtle energy and life force, this is fascinating.

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