Working Together We Can Solve the Soil Emergency!  

I wanted to share some thoughts I had after watching Evan’s free webinar.

The soil issues in this country are not joke…they can be even more serious in urban settings sometimes.

You may have already heard that… there is NO Miracle in “Miracle Grow”.

Budget artificial fertilizers are like fast food for plants. They are designed to feed the plant, not the soil.  This is one reason why our produce today is at least 40% less nutritious than 60 years ago.  The commercial growing practices have lead to nutrient-depleted soil from overuse of artificial fertilizers that do not feed the diverse microbes in the soil. This depleted soil results in weeds, pests & disease. Just like fast food sets people up for ill health, farms can fall ill and be plagued by these “deficiency disease symptoms.”

Did you know that the protein in a healthy plant cannot be digested by insects? So they are not interested in trying to feed on healthy plants! They can detect unhealthy plants, which is a signal to go in and do their job of breaking down and recycling them.

To have healthy plants we need healthy soil and healthy plants = healthy people!

Good soil is hard to come by, if you can find any at all. I hate when people ask where they can get good soil to start a garden, because I have to tell them that there isn’t any, truly good soil, available to buy!  They end up using cheap budget soils and fertilizers in an attempt to make their garden grow and then begin a cycle of managing problems, ie…symptoms of unhealthy soil instead of getting to the root of the problem.  It just doesn’t work.

Have you noticed that artificial products cannot be trusted in labeling? They contain “inert ingredients” that the EPA does not require to be listed, keeping the public in the dark. Crazy, but true. Use them and you don’t know what you’re putting in your soil.

Evan explained how those kinds of inputs only stimulate plant growth artificially, doing nothing to nourish the soil environment, leaving it stripped of elements and therefore the need for more inputs, over and over.

However, when you grow the plant in nourishing soil, it has all the nourishing elements and  it grows well. It  is able to uptake all the nutrients it needs, and just as important what YOU need as the eater!.

I found Evan’s presentation so enlightening, thought provoking and even more, this information energized me to TAKE ACTION!  I finally have the missing pieces that I have been looking for to really make a difference, not just in my own food producing endeavors, but knowing that I truly am able to contribute to the sustainable healing of my part of the world!

So, in case you missed Linda and Evan’s free webinar, here is a brief highlight  

More words from the soil doctor….

“Spring countdown is is days away. Do you have your garden planned?

To get the most out of your growing make sure to include compost tea in your plans. It is simple to brew, and it is a dynamic and cost-effective means of adding microbes and trace minerals to your soil so that it can get to work being soil.

Fertilizer is a crutch, a compensation for the inability of the soil to generate fertility on its own. There is no yeast to make the bread…or the beer, so to speak.

In poor soil it is necessary to add fertilizer to generate a result, but the challenge of the progressive farmer is to constantly stimulate the soils ability to provide fertility. This way it only gets better with time and we can reduce the amount of fertilizer required to grow the garden.”  To learn more about this food for your soil go to:

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