Healthcare? Best Plan Checklist:

The spring is a great time to invest in wellness through preventative actions!

How are you investing wellness actions into your daily routine?


__Deep breathing


__Grow a garden, share a garden

__Nutrient dense food

__Clean water

__Mindful eating

__Rest & relaxation

__Laughter & Play



__Be your own best friend

Add your own self care maintenance practices that work for you! 🙂

One last thing….We want to send you a little sunshine and make sure you know that “You Got a Friend” in Farm-A-Yard 🙂

I love this video and it’s message is our message.  We are all here together building this team of growers and eaters who are localizing our food system using our own yards as well as public and other private spaces!  

It’s a movement, and we can’t do it without each other!  So, check out the words in this song that we are sending to let you know that we are with you every step of the way!

Thank you for helping to grow and heal your communities with fresh, nutrient dense food!

Spread the Sunshine!…Forward to your friends…


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